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Next year in Ur-Kasdim or Lhassa?

Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

Times runs, we are done with time. Try to think but short, clean and clear cut and a bit Chinese. It means more images we can interpret in various ways. We need to make profits even if the price is total recession and the Western world will get very soon to that. Normally it would imply a war. A real conflict with this "ideogram pictured system"; the enemy is flexible, nowhere, like on a screen. We bomb something like USDollars 3000 billion; the enemy shows again on the screen out of some isolated cave. He drank camel milk and ate dates with the fighters. No sophisticated arms: the westerners had given all the weapond: knives, guns, simple stuff and it works much better than any Hollywood equipment. So, over more than two centuries, from Caucasus, down to Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India-China local resistants, apparently obedient to all sorts of colonials (British, Russian, Americans, Dutch Petroleum Shell and other Cos, Germans, some French and Japanese, were given some arms to maintain a very special order. Some people get mad with diamonds, others can't look at oil when it starts flooding.

The news is no good at all: frankly, this is the kind of recession in which any normal nation should just drown for ever. It appears that Taiwan never felt so close to continental Zhong Guo (mainland China, Country of the Middle). I wonder what will happen when the Chinese will definitely refuse to pay their debts to the US. It happens very often in history: a collapse, a fall, bankrupt.

The Western superpowers have systematically organized their sucking profits, avoiding any liberal and free State to be created in the name of their common ancestral values I have participated many years ago in some aspect of the inculturation process of the Aramaic - Assyrian Church believers that had left Chaldea (Iraq) during the first war against Saddam Hussein. They settled for example, in a famous, very top-to-the-minute subsurb near Paris that encompasses around 90 ethnics. Traditionally a highly Jewish Oriental town. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was one of them before he head the International Monetary Fund. And, he made it: allowed the Chaldean Assyrian Church to get visas, settle and have two wonderful churches of ancient Middle-East Style.

The French government recently offered 500 visas to those members of the most ancient Church and faith tradition, speaking and praying the language of Jesus. The deal is simple. The situation is so messy, some come to the European Community and will get assistance... the other will try to settle the recession and the balagan, well the mess. But forget about your home country.

Let's say that they will arrive from Mosul, they will have to develop huge efforts to maintain their heritage. The real scholars of the Church were asked to travel to Iraq during the first war with any Vatican passport, a simple protection! The care of "the ancient and venerable Churches" is that the youths can meet, but hamburger is a hamburger and a shashlik is a shashlik. Then, there is more: Would Jews say every year at Pesach: "Next year in Ur-Kasdim, the paternal place of Abraham Avinu?" Or course not! Abraham maintained a family link with Chaldea till the third generation in order to marry his sons. The living memory of the Mishnah deploying towards the East, entering Tibet and China till the Kyu-Shu island of Japan is one of the most dramatic internal murders perpetrated by Western Christians (mainly the Portuguese) against Oriental Christians. Churches are superpowers and as such definitely not know how to get out of the dramas that split Christian faith thoroughly and without appeal. In 1927, the Anglican Episcopalian archbishop of Shanghai, the Russian Jewish Christian Schereschewsky canonized by the Church who had met with the descents of the Chinese Jews that still spoke some Judean-Persian at Kai-Feng.

In 1947-53, when a (Jewish) Righteous among the Nations, Fr. Alexandre Glasberg (Yad VaShem) brought by miracle the Iraqi Children Jews to Israel, he deeply imperiled their and his lives. But it made full sense. The same happened with some Iranian Jews who spoke the same dialect. He saved children and a lot of parents because it was a situation of emergency. No use to waste billions for parading charity actions. When the Chabad climbs up the Hamalayan and invites all the Jews to partake in a Serder Pesach on the roof of the world, it may sound like a parallel of Noah's Ark creatures reaching out of Egypt in Kathmandu. And they know how to dig here and there and look where Jews have passed through history, as in the Ukraine. Lhassa had an Assyrian metropolitan before the Dalai Lama had always to compose with the Chinese.

On March 25th, Greece celebrates its Independence day fixed to the date on which the Great Revolution started on Annunciation Day 1821. It marked the starting point of a long battle to deliver many western countries who were under Ottoman control. That suddenly fainted in 1918. "You father was a wandering Aramean" (Devarim 26:25) recalls ech year to Jews they are pilgrims and foreigners. They are the "Light of the world" and the light never forgets from where it came... Do remember please: Ur-Kasdim, the launching of civilization and consciousness.

Alexander Winogradsky Frenkel

March 25, 2008 - 18 de Adar II 5768

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