Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dai: Looking for Trebitsch desperately

Wednesday Apr 02,2008

Did you see the Dalai Lama recently, I mean in Israel? I am not sure that all these People magazines have given some updates about any arrival of His Holiness in HaAretz? The Knesset is definitely right to courageously try to launch the debate about the Armenian mass murder or genocide that also concerns other nations and religious Christian denominations as the Syrian Orthodox, the Nestorians/Assyrians and some Greeks). With regards to the Armenians, it is a normal question at the eve of a new decade anniversary of the State of the Jews. The Armenian Church and people have many points in common in a tragic history. Their permanence is a quest for all the nations and it would really be beautiful for Israel to finally recognize the singularity of the Armenian extermination. It would also allow to giving a push to the numerous studies that are on hold about the Oriental Churches, located on the Persian side of the deployment of Christian faith along with Jewish caravans.

It was so unbelievable to begin with. In the year 2000, the war had not started. The world was swarming up to Jerusalem and the "Holy Land" after some time of hesitation from the part of Governments ( e.g. both the Israelis and the Palestinians). Bill Clinton was the President of the US and Al Gore, the Vice-President, rather close to acting Buddhism and life care before turning to "anti-warming-up". Today, you can go anytime or almost, to the Holy Sepulcher, it is overcrowded with tons of pilgrims and visitors arriving for one to three days from Russia, then back to some Turkish beach or home. The Empty Tomb and then a refreshing meal (some light diet in case of Great Lent as for the Eastern Orthodox at the present) and cu soon. "See you soon" means that people have money when the US Dollar is on the verge of full depreciation and economical collapse. Atmospheres change, you know. In 2000, African Black groups were wildly swinging around the Tomb inside the Church of the Resurrection. The Greeks, Latins and Armenians, inter alia, were stunned. The Christian heads of the States had shown with some piety that was much appreciated. President Alyaksandr Lukashenko of Belarus also went to the Tomb and visited every parcel of the place, smiling at the "recent" baptism of his collaborators. He said he did not believe at all. He knew much more than usual faithful do. It was strange to accompany a "dictator" in a place where all might and power have been overcome by death and resurrection.

And, I was normally having my usual afternoon kafe afuch / cappuccino when some people started bling blinging that the Dalai Lama was also going to the Holy Sepulcher. The Tibet was in danger, of course. But Tibet has been imperiled since it was invaded by the Chinese in 1949. Basically this is a link between Israel and Tibet. And these shakras that either open up or close down are very similar to our "S'hma - Hearing" capacities. For the millenium, the Dalai Lama visited Israel and the Holy Sepulcher. He has a lot of adepts in the country and usually rabbis would not condemn Buddhism as they ban the monotheistic religion. It is more a question of morals, ethics.

This year, when some Jewish intellectuals are in search of some connections between Tibetans and Jews, His Holiness is pressured by the Chinese. There are so many links between the Boen Tibetan Tantric traditions and Abraham's insights . I hope the Chabad will have a safe Seder Pesach in Lhassa as in Kathmandu. The Lubavitch "Tanya - Book of Study" and the Tantra tradition are very close, indeed. It has crossed through centuries because we only focus on the West. I met the Dalai Lama on several occasions, in particular for conferences. He smiles, laughs all the time. This allows his translators all kinds of midrash-like interpretations/explanations. Now, just googelize for a minute and look at a map of the Christian world from the 2nd to the 14th century, out of Persia. The "ever dying out" Assyro-Chaldean Church of Iraq was introduced by some faithful accompanied by Judeo-Persian-speaking Jews into Tibet and Manchuria, Sin Kiang, Kai Feng and Kiu-Shu (Japan). Lhassa was a Christian metropolis of the Assyrian Church and the Jews were normally merchandizing in the region. The Dalai Lama was laughing a lot when I recalled that to him. Surprise? Was he Asian shy in facing past events that are supposedly unknown?

How curious life paths are till the Beast dies. The Behemot (an Egyptian word) is the beast reserved for the righteous in the world to come (Leviticus R. 29)... a water-ox/pe-we-mau. At this point of international confusion, we might be in need of some normal, simple Jewish man like Ignaz Trebitsch-Lincoln. We had a lot of special ones of that kind till Queen Victoria’s Empire was still real and not starving out as nowadays.

The zealous yeshiva student born in 1879 at Pacs (Hungary) became a Presbyterian missionary in Canada before WWI and aka Timothy Lincoln a Liberal member of the House of Commons in London. In time of hardships he developed his business with Central Europe and Great-Britain and settled in Shanghai. In 1941, he wrote a bizarre warning letter to Hitler requiring stopping the war. He was a strict Buddhist monk, Chao Kung, agent of the Japanese government, lecturing with much success. Before World War II, he asked for the resignation of all governments and pretended to be the reincarnation of both the Panchen Lama and Dalai Lama, a question that is still pending... He would have conquered Tibet but the action was interrupted for unknown reasons. His last interview was published in Unzer Leb'n , the Yiddish news of Shanghai (Nov. 1943) where many Jews were sheltered as refugees. He would have created a Jewish home on Buddhist territory owned by Shanghai City!

All these borderline life paths and still acting people, so numerous and with various bios show the price of what has been developed over the past sixty years, maybe over centuries of messy wandering. The real problem is that of the "dai - enough, now!" - God has also the right to get rid of our recklessness. Sheer madness can be healed. But healed people are not always welcome home. They prove that healthy stand exists and it may itch at times.

Chodesh Nisan tov

Alexander Winogradsky Frenkel

April 2, 2008 – 26 deAdar II 5768


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