Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tongue twisting

Times are special. They are difficult. They are full of hardships. It may even be possible that Israel's parties and structures and the Palestinian Authorities, beyond all political considerations, are on a sort of "stand-by/in between" situation. Daily life in Jerusalem and in the country is subtle and cannot be reduced to breaking news reports or flashes. Things are subtle in the area and has always been over 7,000 years of constant pulling in and out of all sorts of nations. The same movement is ongoing and the point is, for the believers, to break through partisanship and develop a real spirit of spiritual path. This is an "exploit" in such a situation; dialogs seem to be cut down into monologues. Stuttering words that usually can hardly be shared and understood by most of the people can hardly reach our ears. It is a situation that is often depicted in the Bible/TaNaKH. It does not mean that we better can solve such a long-term and lasting context of conflict and war.

Maybe it is not a war in the sense that wars show up quite often in the area. 1948, 1967 were wars. On the other hand, the ongoing conflict that only seems to hold on for some time, is like a fire that cannot be controlled.

The problem is very spiritual, far more than we even can imagine or envision because we are glued in the muds of some contradictory factors. Sadly, things have to mature in order to be fulfilled and overcome. On the other hand, there are undoubtedly some paths of linkage. They do connect the socio-cultural flow of attitudes. Things are much more working from the inside of a society that has to admit that the grafting is switched on. It does not mean it can show up. It involves a kind a stuttering speech, a dialog that cannot be understood by those who are not part of it. Exclusion is a mass social tendency; a heavy tendency. Still, exclusion works because links do exist but they act in the undergrounds of the human threads.

Interestingly, and I only intend to focus on the spiritual path that we have to overcome with God's assistance, this week is the week of prayer for Christian Unity, i.e. unity among the Christians. This is quite a challenge. At the same time, the annual Jerusalem Conference will start and reflect an image of how the Israeli side contemplates the vents qnd look at the development of new tendencies in this part of the world and for Israel. The main issue is to see how some people will envision the future on the basis of the recent and eventual events for the Jewish society. In the meanwhile, the Catholic Church has decided to cancel the ban taken against some Tridentine bishops who were ordained without the canonical approval of the Roman Church. One bishop denies the Shoah and reduces the matter to a minor "detail".

Thus, the problem is how faith can be relevant and is relevant in such a situation of profound turmoil and stumbling around. Tongues were gossiping or they used to carry their burdens of slander and calumnious deprecation. Tongue-twisting aims at creating confusion, like the 40 years in the wilderness.
Faith relies on intimate conviction and certainty that the Word is living and surpasses all these shaking turbulences. It is a time for real humbling because we are called to struggle and in such a struggle to remember that we target unity in the face of the only One.

When Jesus healed the blind man, he asked if the man could see. The blind answered that he could see the people "like trees", but not clearly... though he could see them better and better. Maybe we are in this situation of a cataract and sight-swindling.

We are still a part of God's creation Who saw it was "tov meod = very good/טוב מאד ".

av aleksandr
Mohamed Al Adhamy: Bronze. The sculptor is an Iraqi artist

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